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The last race is run, and the last medals have been given at Frederiksberg Stadium.

RaceRunning is becoming very popular in the Netherlands these years and the country now has 220 RaceRunning athletes. Petra van Schie tells the successful history of RaceRunning in the Netherlands.

Arran Keith from Australia on his way to the finish line for 100m distance

81 athletes representing 11 countries have gathered at Frederiksberg Stadium from 8th to 15th July.

During the first three days, a RaceRunners Camp was set up which is an international training session that will be held from Monday to Wednesday. In these days there is joint training and knowledge-sharing between the trainers from the participating nations.

Nine-year-old Arran Keith will be the first Australian to compete internationally in RaceRunning, at the 2018 RaceRunning camp in Copenhagen.

Mansoor Siddiqi, 1991Last night the two RaceRunning pioneers Mansoor Siddiqi and Connie Hansen were awarded Kulturministerens Parasportpris 2017 - "The culture minister's parasport prize".
On behalf of the Camp Organizing Committee and Parasport Frederiksberg we have the great pleasure to invite athletes, coaches, staff, officials and volunteers to be a part of the 22nd RaceRunners Camp and Cup 2018 in Frederiksberg, Denmark from the 8th - 15th July.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced today that RaceRunning is to be introduced as a World Para Athletics event. This is fabulous and very exciting news.


It’s going to be an unforgettable weekend at Frederiksberg Stadium when the RaceRunning World Championships are held for the fifth time from July 13th to July 15th. Denmark’s chances of achieving medals are believed to be good.

There are now officially only 50 days to the World Cup for RaceRunning starts - July 13, 2017

The FIF Eurotrack competition was a huge success for the RaceRunning athletes. Four new world records was the outcome.

27.07.17 Press Release - Great success at the World Cup in RaceRunning in Frederiksberg, Denmark
05.05.17 RaceRunning Seminar at Queen Margaret University
09.04.17 First World Record in 2017 – Mens 200 M, RR1.
28.02.17 RaceRunning Conference in Uppsala, Sweden
30.12.16 Updated Rankings & World Record list for 2016
30.12.16 CPISRA World Championship & 21st RaceRunners Camp & Cup 2017
15.12.16 RaceRunning wants to be part of the Paralympic

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What is RaceRunning?

RaceRunning is an innovative sport for disabled people with impaired balance.


A RaceRunner is a custom-built tricycle without pedals on which balance is not a problem. The first RaceRunner was constructed in Denmark in 1991.


RaceRunning is an obvious sport for people with cerebral palsy, arthritis affected and amputees. RaceRunning gives disabled people who otherwise can only get around in an electric wheelchair, a manual wheelchair or in a walker the ability to move by themselves. With a RaceRunner even people with heavy disabilities may experience the feeling of running.


Video from CPISRA RaceRunning World Championship – July 2017

Video from 19th. International RaceRunners Camp & Cup – July 2015



Video from 18th. International RaceRunners Camp & Cup – July 2014




Greve afslutningsstævne, 30 September 2018, Greve, Denmark
FM 2018, 15 September 2018, Odense, Denmark
Track Athletic National Championships, 1 September 2018, Bergschenhoek, Netherlands
World Para Athletics European Championships Berlin 2018, 20 - 26 August 2018, Berlin, Germany
Open Grade Meet, 1 August 2018, Grangemouth, Scotland


RaceRunning Camp & Cup 2020 - DK

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