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Press Release - Great success at the World Cup in RaceRunning in Frederiksberg, Denmark

Added 27-07-2017

As the World Championships in RaceRunning came to an end, 19 records were broken, 5 of which were broken by young Danish athletes. Again this year was there a couple of close races, like the 1500 meter RR3 male, where number. 1 and 2 reached the goal with a 13/100th difference.


The almost 320 athletes, judges and personal assistances from Austria, Brazil, Denmark, England, Faroe Islands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Scotland, Sweden and USA came together to the 21th RaceRunners Camp the 9th-16th of July and with 2 times daily training, trainer courses and some social cultural activities, that helped create friendships between athletes from across the world.


Mansoor Siddiqi, Camp-coordinator says this to conclude the 21th RaceRunners Camp and Cup:


“We have once again seen that the Danish RaceRunners Camp and Cup have become such a big hit that    people from around the world to compete, even Brazil was represented, which we are very happy about. We do our best so that new participants and nations, like Austria and Poland leave with good experiences that they themselves build on nationally, and that way spread the RaceRunning sport across the world.


If we look at the results of the Cup, the competition has become more even, and on more than one occasion it was the athletes form on the day that determined the race.

Fx the 1500 m RR3 male was prof of how close it can get in the Final between Gavin Drysdale from Scotland and Adriano Ferreira De Souza from Brazil.  Adriano quickly took the lead and  was quickly 40-50 meters in front of Gavin, who stays behind Lasse Kromann, waiting for the right moment for the first to laps, then he catches up with Adriano who’s still in front. Gavin managed to win the race with a time of 5.34,30 while Adriano crossed the finish line with a time of 5.34,43, a really close race.


In 2015 we created a class for the most severely disable, that need help steering, because we think that all disable should be able to practice RaceRunning and this year we saw the results of this, because there were enough athletes for two preliminary heats before the final.


New young Danish athletes on their way

We can see on the records set by younger athletes (U12 and U14) this year, shows that young new Danish athletes are showing up on the track. Out of all the Danish records being set, 4 were set by younger athletes, Hanibal Cederberg (100, 200 and 400 m, RR2 male) and Kristine Hagen Jakobsen (100 M, RR3 female).


Visit from the international Paralympic committee

For the first time ever we got a visit from the international Paralympic committee (IPC), the organization who decides which sports are a part of the Paralympic program. The visitor was Dr. Peter Van de Vliet, the leader of the medical department of IPC to observe the level of athletics and consider what would have to happen for RaceRunning to become part of IPC’s athletics program and become a part of the Paralympic games.


And the sponsors, like ViaBILER with their lending of cars made it possible to transport the international participants, with their equipment, from and to the airport.  Which makes a big difference when we offer a event of this size.


Denmark got 50 medals in total from the World Championship, with Sweden not far behind with 49 medals, and they got most gold medals Norway got 8 medals in total, England got 7 in total, Scotland and Brazil got 5 each, USA got 4 medals, Poland, Faroe Islands, Russia, Portugal each got 2 medals in total and Austria got 1 medal.



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