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Mansoor Siddiqi, 1991
Mansoor Siddiqi, 1991

Mansoor Siddiqi and Connie Hansen awarded Kulturministerens Parasportpris 2017

Added 07-01-2018

Last night the two RaceRunning pioneers Mansoor Siddiqi and Connie Hansen were awarded Kulturministerens Parasportpris 2017 - "The Culture Minister's parasport prize".


The very prestigious prize comes with 100.000,- Danish Kroner. Mansoor Siddiqi and Connie Hansen intend to spend the money promoting RaceRunning among children and youngsters.


- The work has just begun. Next step will be the Paralympics!, a very happy Mansoor says to racerunning.org.

Congratulations from all of us!


Watch the prize ceremony and Siddiqi and Hansen's speech on national Danish television:



More on the history of RaceRunning:


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Mansoor Siddiqi and Connie Hansen awarded Kulturministerens Parasportpris 2017


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