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Arran Keith from Australia on his way to the finish line for 100m distance
Arran Keith from Australia on his way to the finish line for 100m distance

A successful 22th RaceRunners Camp & Cup - with 18 world records

Added 18-07-2018

81 athletes representing 11 countries have gathered at Frederiksberg Stadium from 8th to 15th July.

During the first three days, a RaceRunners Camp was set up which is an international training session that will be held from Monday to Wednesday. In these days there is joint training and knowledge-sharing between the trainers from the participating nations.


RaceRunners Camp & Cup is such a big hit that people come from all over the world to attend it. An athlete from Australia and a coach from Mexico were also represented. Of course, we are pleased, and we do our best to learn from ourselves so new participants and nations can gain our experience as they can build on, at national level, thus spreading the RaceRunning sport to the whole world.


Trainer course:

For the first time, a training course in RaceRunning was completed with three coaches who all received a lot of skills to take back home to Norway, the Faroe Islands and Mexico. It was a success that will be continued.


On Thursday the 12th of July, the actual RaceRunner Cup event began with a nice opening ceremony. The opening speech this year was once again held by Nick Elsass, chairman of the Elsass Foundation. Throughout the years the Elsass Foundation has been the main financial support for RaceRunning's development. There should also be a big thanks to Frederiksberg Sports Union and Frederiksberg municipality for always being positive about this recurring event.


At the event, Denmark was represented with 32 athletes, Sweden was the second largest nation with 31 athletes, Norway had 8 athletes, Poland 3 athletes, the Netherlands and the Faroe Islands each have two athletes, the United States, Russia, Spain, Scotland and Australia each had 1 athlete.

The number of participants is absolutely satisfactory, says Camp Coordinator and National Head-coach Mansoor Siddiqi.


Many young athlete this year:

Australia was in for the first time. The 9-year-old Arran Keith from Sydney represented Australia in the most sensible way. There was a large support-team, Team Keith, consisting of six members from Australia as Arrans's father has Scottish roots. There was also great support from Scotland. The family thinks Copenhagen is an uncommonly lovely city. The family holiday will continue to Billund, Silkeborg and Aarhus before the trip goes down again.


Arran was classified before the competition in the RR2 group, which is the class with the second biggest disabilities. In that class he met two other young boys. Colin van Tricht, The Netherlands, 12 years old, Hannibal Cederberg, Frederiksberg - Denmark, 11 years old.


Honors to Mansoor and Connie

In January 2018, Mansoor Siddiqi and Connie Hansen received the Minister of Culture's Parasport Prize, for their unremitting efforts to develop and spread RaceRunning. A job that has been on for more than 26 years. The prize earned in 2017 will be always be remembered in the RaceRunning history. A few months after a world record championship in RaceRunning had been settled at Frederiksberg Stadium, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced that RaceRunning's race discipline from January 1, 2018 was admitted to World Para Athletics. Thus, RaceRunning is for the first time in history as medal discipline at the summer's EM in para-athletics. The Euro Athletics Championships will be settled in Berlin in the days of 20th-26th August.


The Sporting

There are two international events for the best RaceRunning athletes in August 2018. Therefore, the event at Frederiksberg was a hallmark of the shape. National coach Leif Nielsen is very pleased with what he has seen and expects good results from athletes at the two upcoming championships. He highlights a double victory in women's 200m in class RR3 and that same group took the first three places on the double distance 400m. The next international event in RaceRunning is:

CPISRA World Games in the days of 5-12 August in Sanct Cugat, Spain

The following athletes are taken for CPISRA World Games, CPISRA is the World Athletes Organization with CP:

  • Andrea Stokholm Overgaard, RR3, Frederiksberg
  • Jacob Birkbak, RR1, Strandby
  • Nikolaj Overgaard Christensen, RR1, Struer
  • Lasse Kromann, RR2, Odense
  • Manja Simone Lundgaard Hansen, RR3, Skanderborg
  • Thea Berggren Jørgensen, RR3, Lejre


Hereafter, the European Championships will be in athletics in the days 19-26 August in Berlin under World Para Athletics.


The following RaceRunner athletes have been taken to the European Championships in Berlin:

  • Nikolaj Overgaard Christensen, RR1, Struer
  • Lasse Kromann, RR2, Odense
  • Karla E Risum, RR2, Mårslet
  • Manja Simone Lundgaard Hansen, RR3, Skanderborg
  • Thea Berggren Jørgensen, RR3, Lejre

As RaceRunning is with the WPA European Championships in Berlin for the first time, RaceRunning is only part of the 100m distance.


World Records / future

At the event there were 18 world records, which we were of course pleased with, especially when it is a Dane who wins back a record that was once lost to another nation. Our goal is to spread the sport. We focus on recruiting several participants - especially those with the most disabilities. We have both 60m and 40m races - we have to make sure there are good experiences for everyone.


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